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Our Story.  By Founder and President Karl Van Amburg

For two decades Michon and I proudly operated the nation’s highest rated youth travel program, Earth Explore Learning Adventures.  

Now we’re leading adult trips.  Here’s our story.

Beginning in 1995, and with a background in international travel and education, we set off to offer America’s students something different. Thrilling hands-on adventures, centered on the active exploration of science and nature. Led by scientists and naturalists. Trips designed to stimulate a lifetime connection to Planet Earth. 

Our programs took thousands of 5th grade through high school students and their teachers on adventures in science and hands-on learning throughout Wyoming, Utah, Montana, Alaska, Costa Rica, Italy, California and Hawaii.  And what amazing journeys they were! (You can read more about those days here, and see pictures at the bottom of this page.)

Now, we’re off on new adventures.  As empty-nesters, we are traveling and writing about it on our blog Road Expats.  And the amazing trips we once provided to the nation’s young people, we’re offering to adults.  Just as our parents always requested. 

Amazing, intimate small group travel. Full of active, hands-on learning.  Packed with science exploration.  And cultural discovery.  Because we think you agree that learning throughout life is essential.  And actively learning about the world, is part of the joy of travel.

How are we different?


That’s simple. Michon and I are actively involved in, or lead every trip we offer.  So when you’re traveling with Earth Explore-Road Expats, you’re traveling with us. Read more about our philosophy of travel here.

So we invite you to come along as Earth Explore Learning Adventures, established back in 1995, becomes Earth Explore-Road Expats.  Finally Michon and I can join in, and share the kind of learning we’ve always loved with people much like ourselves; the adults, parents and empty-nesters who have always asked for their very own Learning Adventures.


This experience is something he will never forget.  The entire adventure is orchestrated meticulously by Earth Explore staff.  This allows parents to be at ease and the students to be completely immersed in the experience.  He is more confident and comfortable with being on his own.  He was thrilled with the entire experience and wants to go again!  Peter and Lori Boice


Eric talked about the program daily for at least a week when he returned.  I don’t think any other experience has had this much of an impact on him.  I would absolutely recommend Earth Explore because it is a great way for the kids to learn responsibility, to become more independent, and learn in a safe, fun environment.  Laura Rolfe