About Earth Explore

Since 1995, our science and nature-based programs have provided fun and meaningful opportunities for global learning, and hands-on adventure.


When choosing a youth educational program, experience and a solid track record are paramount.  Earth Explore has been operating award-winning student programs since 1995. Our record of safety and quality are unmatched, and our adult to student ratio is the lowest among experiential educators. Most importantly, more than 95 percent of our participants, teachers and parents actively recommend the experience or say they would participate again, surpassing any other similar program. 

This experience is something he will never forget.  The entire adventure is orchestrated meticulously by Earth Explore staff.  This allows parents to be at ease and the students to be completely immersed in the program.  He is more confident and comfortable with being on his own.  He was thrilled with the entire experience and wants to go again!  Peter and Lori Boice


Curiosity about the world and what makes it tick is at the heart of every Earth Explore program.  We stimulate our students’ minds through hands-on exploration of science and nature in exciting global locations.

Our programs are fun and exciting of course, but equally important provide a solid educational framework in the study of the Earth and its natural processes.

As a fully accredited learning experience, our programs are overseen by the not for profit 501c3 Earth Explore Foundation, dedicated to creating amazing, educational outdoor experiences for young people. We are fortunate to partner with some of the world’s finest on-site educational organizations, and to offer academic credit options to all participating students.

Eric talked about the program daily for at least a week when he returned.  I don’t think any other experience has had this much of an impact on him.  I would absolutely recommend this program because it is a great way for the kids to learn responsibility, to become more independent, and learn in a safe, fun environment.  Laura Rolfe

Independence, learning, and memorable experiences in the outdoor classroom.  Offering young people those opportunities has been the core of the Earth Explore experience since 1995, and will continue to be our benchmark in the years ahead.