Dinosaur Discovery Adventure

Explore Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, view amazing wildlife like grizzly and bison, witness the eruption of geysers like Old Faithful, dig for real Jurassic dinosaurs, raft a wild river, horseback ride on a high mountain trail, and discover Western History.

Program Overview

Grand Teton National Park

The Grand Tetons are a sight that every American should experience.  In incomparable Grand Teton National Park, we partner with experts at the Teton Science School, who guide our students on a variety of hands-on activities, including hikes, horseback rides, and canoeing.  Led by the naturalists who know the Tetons best, we see and do things that normal visitors never experience. 

During our amazing stay, we canoe a high mountain lake, view elk and bison, and eat and sleep in amazing Jackson Hole, or on the campus of the Teton Science School. 

A truly memorable experience in one of the world’s most beautiful and awe-inspiring places.

Jackson Hole

The modern frontier town of Jackson Hole is our home away from home during our two days at Grand Teton National Park.  Set in spectacular Jackson Hole, and framed by the peaks of the Grand Tetons, there are few more picturesque locations on earth.  

Maintaining its uniquely Western character, there is lots of see and do here, including checking out the world famous elk antler arches that frame the town’s main square, shopping for Western souvenirs, and even posing with a Western sheriff on horseback!


Horseback Ride and Canoeing

While we’re in Grand Teton National Park we have the truly rare opportunity to take a trail ride in the shadow of 13 thousand foot peaks.  Guided by experts we enjoy views of 13,776 foot high Grand Teton as we keep a watch out for elk and moose, and views of the bison herd that frequents the park.

Not far away, we canoe on a high mountain lake, where the Tetons seem close enough to touch.  Here our Teton Science School guides lead us to a richer understanding of the mountains,  their natural history, and the unique Western heritage they represent for all Americans. 

Yellowstone and Old Faithful

Our experience in Yellowstone is extraordinary.  Guided by experts from the Yellowstone Association, we view bison and wolves in the legendary Lamar Valley, go behind scenes at Old Faithful and the Upper Geyser Basin, and view iconic sights like the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. Throughout our time in the park, our naturalist guides take us to places and show us things few visitors to Yellowstone ever have a chance to experience.

While in Yellowstone, we stay at the historic Mammoth Hot Springs hotel, where huge geothermal pillars decorate the landscape, and elk graze on the hotel grounds each morning. 

Truly a memorable, “insiders” visit to one of America’s most iconic national parks.

Cody, Wy and River Rafting

Just east of Yellowstone, we visit the rollicking and extremely fun western-themed town of Cody, Wyoming.  Once the home of Wild Bill Cody, we tour the world famous Buffalo Bill Historical Center, raft the red rock canyon of the Shoshone River, attend a mock frontier shootout, and thrill to the action at the Cody Nite Rodeo.  

Thrills abound as we take on the gentle but exhilarating rapids on the Shoshone River which flows directly out of Yellowstone.  While we float downriver, our guides share the geology of the beautiful red rock canyon and tales of outlaws that once hid out in the canyon.

This is a place where Western history comes alive, and is celebrated as a part of the region’s enduring legacy.  Cody is also a place to swim in the hotel pool at the Buffalo Bill Village Resort, and pick up a souvenir of the West that cannot be found anywhere else.

Dinosaur Dig and Thermopolis

In one of the highlights of the trip, our students get to be amateur paleontologists for a day.  Straight from the big screen thriller Jurassic World, our students have the rare opportunity to dig for actual dinosaur bones.  

High on a hill near Thermopolis, the Wyoming Dinosaur Center guides our students as they probe for fossils in an active Jurassic bone bed, a quarry site that was once an ancient river bed and is rich in fossils from Jurassic dinosaurs like apatosaurus. After their dig, students get to work with scientists to clean and curate their findings in a fossil laboratory and even get to take with them a sample fossil from the site.  

Also nearby is the world famous Thermopolis Hot Springs, used by Native Americans for thousands of years.  Here we splash and play in the warm mineral laden waters.


Oregon Trail and Park City

While on our adventure we also have a chance to visit Utah Olympic Park in beautiful Park City, Utah and take a thrilling open air ride downhill on the Alpine Slide.  

And, as part of our exploration of the history of the West, we visit historic Ft. Bridger, an important stop on the old Oregon Trail. Here costumed guides take us back in time to capture the atmosphere of a frontier fort from the 1840s.  During the 1840s and 50s hundreds of thousands of American emigrants traveled trails West to begin a new life in Oregon and California.


Cost and Details

Cost and Length

The 8 Day trip is $2775 per student.  This includes all activities, meals, ground transportation by coach, accommodations and pre departure meetings.  Airfare is not included, but is booked by Earth Explore at competitive rates with major airlines.

Payment and Deadlines

A $500 deposit it required upon registration.  Final payment is due 60 days before departure.  No funds are retained if student is not accepted into program.  Monthly payment plans are available.  Trip capacity is based upon the local group status. Most groups reach capacity within 8 weeks of group formation.

Ages and Eligibility

Current students in grades 4-6.  Special custom programs for middle school. Eligibility is determined by local teacher(s) based upon maturity and motivation.

Signup and Materials

Parents of students can register their child for the program here.  Program materials can be printed from the PDFs page.