Our Philosopy: Travel, Learning and Adventure should be Lifelong Pursuits.

Our Philosophy

You’ve raised a family, maybe launched the kids, and are ready to travel. Fantastic! We firmly believe that being 50 and over is a wonderful time to set back out and embrace the world and its wonders. All while learning and doing exciting things, with people of like mind.


We are Unique.

We are a travel company like no other.  As founders of Earth Explore Adventures, Michon and I have sent thousands of adults and children on trips of a lifetime. Now we are focused on travel for people like us, 50 and over with a desire for new adventures and exciting experiences.

We are Boutique.

We’re like a bed and breakfast of travel.  When you travel with us, you literally travel with us.  Karl and Michon lead every trip, pulling together an interesting mix of people of like mind who love learning while they experience the human and natural wonders of our planet.


We think there is no better time to explore the wondrous workings of our planet. So when we travel we explore science themes as well as art and culture. We get involved and active with the experts, and share our passions with people of like mind. 

Lifelong Learning.

We will never stop learning. And we don’t want you to either.  Our trips reflect that.  Because the best travel experiences are ones where you come away more connected, more aware, and changed.


Our trips mirror how Michon and I like to travel. That is, without everything planned.  We are spontaneous when it’s possible, and fun.  That’s part of the discovery and magic of travel.

Non-corporate, Not-rebranded.

Part of what we are, is what we’re not. We have more than two decades of experience in planning and executing group travel, but we are not part of a big corporation. Really, we’re the opposite.  We plan the travel, and guide it as well.  We will never have someone else slap our logo on their product.