Our Programs

Travel can be a transforming experience. It teaches, expands horizons, and builds confidence.

An Earth Explore trip is more than travel and learning.  For young people, it is an opportunity to spread their wings, work with others, and learn in a safe and secure group setting.

Justin came home more capable of being self sufficient, more mature and certainly, more educated.  The program exceeded our expectations.  He’d love to return on future trips.  It was such a positive educational and social opportunity of a lifetime at a young age.  Responsible behavior was expected and it was an awesome group of kids.  Thanks!  Marilee and Jeff Lindahl

Hands-on learning brings a heightened awareness of the world, its environments, and amazing cultures.  The entire time, close supervision by teachers means that students have a safe and supportive environment in which to learn and challenge themselves, both academically and socially.

She says the program was “mind blowing.”  She just can’t stop talking about it.  This is a well-organized, high quality program that I would recommend.  Karen Woodson

My daughter gained a more profound respect for nature and our earth’s past.  I would absolutely recommend this program.  It is very well presented, organized and structured.  I think she learned more and had more fun than she ever imagined.  Brenda Ribble

How do we do it?  Earth Explore maintains the lowest adult to student ratio in student travel. This means our teachers are free to enhance the experience of every student in their care, and to make sure they are having the time of their life.


We’re especially proud of what parents tell us about the EE Experience.  Year after year they report that their sons and daughters return from our programs with some amazing, and sometimes unexpected, new skills.  Like burgeoning self confidence, enhanced leadership abilities, and better decision-making. 

As parents we know these are precisely the skills that can form a solid platform for future success, and a springboard for whatever our kids would like to accomplish in life.  That’s why the EE Experience is about much more than learning and adventure.  It’s also about the future.

This is the best camp that our son has ever done.  This program really gives parents a chance to see what their kids can do, and kids a chance to discover themselves.  He was excited to go, but I think he had a lot more fun than he even expected to have.   He came home with increased self confidence.  Thanks so much!  Sherry and Tim Boudreau

Through Earth Explore and the 501 (c)(3) Earth Explore Foundation, our goal is to provide young people a fun, safe, and exciting way to explore the world that is unique, educational and hands-on.  In the process, our trips help provide the skills and inspiration that young adults need to succeed in their own lives, and make a positive contribution to the future.