Karl and Michon in Florence.
Karl and Michon in Florence.

Join along as we share our personal travel stories, adventures, travel tips and advice at our blog site, Road Expats! 

In many ways, Earth Explore and Road Expats are one and the same. 

Earth Explore (where you are now) is where we continue our two decade-long mission of creating custom group travel and learning adventures unlike any you’ll find.  For the first twenty years we designed trips for thousands of students and teachers.  Now our trips are focused on people like us, adults and empty-nesters.

At Road Expats, we share our personal travel stories, experiences and advice.  Things like intimate and unusual places we’ve been, things we’ve learned and seen, and advice for fun, successful travel for active 50+ empty-nesters like ourselves!

But since Earth Explore is about creating travel adventures that we love, and that we know others will too, they really work together.  So if you’d like to see what Michon and Karl have been up to in their personal travel lives,get to know them better, and share in their adventures, head on over to Road Expats. (www.roadexpats.com)