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Love learning and exploring? Consider taking part in an Earth Explore program.

Kilauea Caldera, Hawaii

Earth Explore is a wonderful opportunity for educators to gain unmatched experience outside of the traditional classroom, and to share hands-on learning, and adventure, with their students.  Our teachers tell us they return to their schools refreshed, with new teaching skills and ideas that enhance their students’ classroom experience. 

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With Earth Explore, you only participate with students, and families that you know.  This instills confidence from the start.  As an educator you’re able to prepare your students, and select for maturity.  For everyone, this level of control creates confidence and leads to a successful experience.

(If you’d like to explore leading a group, fill out our  Teacher Signup/Interest Form).  

During the months before your program begins, our parents, students and teachers bond in a series of fun and informative get-togethers. Once the adventure begins, our teachers take part in the exact same activities as our students.

It was a great experience.  I grew as a teacher and leader to my students.  The students enjoyed themselves and we all learned a lot.  Fantastic!  Alana West, Fairfax County Schools


Wow.  I would rate this experience a 10 out of 10!  I wasn’t simply a chaperone, I was a learner, experiencing nature right alongside my pupils. This program is one that I’ll remember forever, and the bonds created between me and my students will last a lifetime.  Michelle Harvey, Leander Schools, TX


Last summer was the most amazing teaching experience I’ve ever had.  I thought the Earth Explore experience in Costa Rica was just incredible, and I can’t wait to attend again with my students!  Manny Garcia, Boulder CO Schools

Leaders, Costa Rica

Our programs use real-world science and nature studies as a platform for teaching.  But you certainly don’t have to be a science teacher to participate.  Our adventures are cross-disciplinary, and designed to engage and energize all students, and all teachers as well.

Our teachers get to see their students grow in confidence, gain knowledge and skills, and have loads of fun in a safe, supportive group setting.


Earth Explore leaders work with amazing and talented local guides like Federico Alban in Costa Rica, who has been guiding our groups there for many years.


Our dynamic leaders take part in all of the same activities as the students, creating a special bond.  This group is high above the Monteverde Cloud Forest in Costa Rica.


Our teachers are chosen based upon principal recommendation, for their proven ability to lead students safely, and their rapport with both students and parents.

Throughout an Earth Explore program our teachers are fully supported.  They work with onsite guides and program instructors to help students have a great time, stay safe, and enjoy the most rewarding learning experience of their lives.

The program in Alaska was INCREDIBLE. The sights were amazing and the information was excellent.  This experience allows me to expand my horizons and bring new energy and information back to my classroom.  It was great!  Michele Mattes, Pennsylvania Teacher

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