We receive many letters from parents and students each season, who share with us how the experience has impacted their lives. Below is a small sampling of the comments of recent participants.

I plan to take Earth Explore to the school system. This is such an amazing program, one in which we were honored to have been selected to participate. Earth Explore exceeded my son’s expectations. Robert has more confidence and the amount of learning experiences was amazing. These children learn and get more than any “family vacation” can offer. Robert has always been mature, but can be quiet. This experience helped him grow, meet new people and be independent. He has “come out of his shell.”  Kim and Ray Hall


This program definitely exceeded Jason’s expectations.  He says it was the best experience of his life!  Earth Explore offers opportunities that children may not get the chance to experience in a lifetime.  He would like to take another naturalist program next year.  Thank you so much. Debbie and Brian Masgay


Our son has had the opportunity to see and do so much more than many people do during a lifetime. He had so much fun-even before the trip (pre-trip sessions), and he’s still doing a lot of reading to learn more about what he saw. He has become more responsible, inquisitive and has learned to work well with others.  These programs are an opportunity of a lifetime. They are educational as well as fun. The hands-on experiences are the best.  Curt and Linda Connor

I think Earth Explore is wonderful!  Your adventures help young people to begin to focus on the future and what’s available to them.  My son has become more outgoing, and has a wider range of interests.  He has also become more organized and responsible!  I’ll definitely recommend this program to my friends.  Holly Price


Thank you so much for letting my daughter be a part of this experience.  She has memories that will last her a lifetime!!  Amazing!  Wendy Sweeney



My experience with Earth Explore was one I will never forget.  I made so many new friends; also the leaders were kind and made me feel safe.  The learning experience was one-of-a-kind.  I would love to go again.  It was a wonderful and exciting experience!  Lianna Simmonds


Thank you all so much for this wonderful opportunity you’ve given our children!  She is having the time of her life!  This has, and continues to be a true adventure…one she’ll never forget!  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! Trish Sims


I wish this was around when I was a kid. I would absolutely recommend Earth Explore; it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  This was the first time Matt ever went away, and he loved it. Paula Graller


Eric talked about the trip daily for at least a week when he returned. I don’t think any other experience has had this much of an impact on him. I would absolutely recommend the program because it is a great way for the kids to learn responsibility, to become more independent and learn in a safe, fun environment.

Eric became better at managing his money and responsible for his needs. Have you considered a similar trip for parents? I would love to do an adventure like this. Laura Rolfe

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We just heard from Josh, our first call since last Sunday. He was bursting with excitement and news about the past 5 days! He said he was sorry the trip was ending and wished it could go on for more days. Given his enthusiasm, I am really sorry he is coming home, although I can’t wait to hear more about it and to see his journal and the artifacts he collected…and all the pictures he took – I think he said he used all 6 cameras he brought with him!

As I’ve said before, Earth Explore is OUTSTANDING! Josh has now had two experiences of a lifetime. We are only hoping you will offer your third adventure in our area next year – the Big Island Adventure Program sounds awesome!

Thank you so much for everything, from organizing these trips to the support you offered us earlier in the week and throughout the trip to Josh and all the other children on the program. Terri Olian


We would highly recommend Earth Explore to a friend. It was very well organized, the pre-travel sessions were excellent, and it offers a wonderful learning experience for students. Our daughter has definitely grown as a result of this program. To be able to travel for 2 weeks, with a group of people you have recently met, at 11 years old shows much maturity and independence.

In talking with our daughter, we felt it exceeded her expectations. We were very impressed with both leaders. The enthusiasm, organization and leadership skills during the pre-travel sessions helped us as parents realize what a great trip our daughter was going to experience.  Dale and Rebecca Lawrence


This program definitely exceeded her expectations.  We hope that Meghan-going into the 5th this year and Kerry-going into 3rd this year, can also have an Earth Explore Adventure.

She met a lot of great girls, took wonderful photos, and has memories of a lifetime.  She would love to go on one of your other learning adventures! The whole fundraising element, the trip, sharing stories, getting together afterwards-all great!  Susan and Brian Bowe


My experience was amazing.  My most rewarding experience was seeing Denali with my own eyes.  It was huge.  This program was great and I think I got smarter. Josh Joy


Your programs are a great opportunity for learning and exploring that might not otherwise be possible. The entire adventure is orchestrated meticulously by the Earth Explore staff.  This allows parents to be at ease and the students to be completely immersed in the experience. This trip is something he will never forget. He is more confident and comfortable with being on his own. He was thrilled with the entire experience and wants to go again. As soon as our son returned, he wanted to know where and when the next trip is scheduled! Peter and Lori Boice


It was a great experience.  I loved it.  I learned so much about Alaska, its culture and landforms.  My experience was amazing!  It was a place I will definitely go back to.  Chelsea Errichetti


First of all, I would like to respond by stating that the program is every bit as exciting as the WEB site and your brochures. Tiffany (my daughter, 11) had an experience of a lifetime that she will never forget. She was so happy to be part of a group that shared an interest in science. Your program is a wonderful opportunity for students to learn about so many different aspects of the world, learn about others, and learn about themselves.

Tiffany worked very hard to prepare for the trip. When she returned she was truly transformed. She matured through the experiences of the trip. She has become more self-motivated, outgoing, and has more self-confidence. I was surprised to see the difference in tolerance she developed with her younger brother! We are all proud of her as she developed better organizational skills along the way.

Kudos to all that are working to keep this program alive! It is absolutely the most comprehensive study of science available to the age group 11-14. Tiffany sincerely was honored to be part of your science adventure. My son (Myles) hopes to be invited, as he was so impressed with the transformation that Tiffany made from the trip. He was really impressed that she returned with fossil specimens.

Your program is well thought out and the interview process for teachers (leaders) was very thorough. The teachers were attentive, helpful, and caring. Thanks for the wonderful program and I hope my son will hear from you again in the future. Pamela Foxworth


My son has grown more mature and independent in his 9 days away from home.  I like the small, personal group experience and the students’ teachers selected as leaders.  He keeps saying his trip was awesome…so I would say it exceeded his expectations!  Caroline Twardzik


I am currently an eighth grade student in Illinois. Over the last three summers, I have participated in all three of your educational summer programs.

All three of these summer programs contained some of my greatest memories. I was able to meet many new, intelligent people with whom I have been able to maintain friendships and have done many unique things.

Going into high school, I am realizing how beneficial these programs really are. I was able to participate in three such enjoyable experiences, which had a great impact on my life. Giving me the chance to earn high school credit is also exceptional due to the fact that I am able to take more classes in high school than I would normally be able to do and still learn more even after these programs have ended.

Thank you for providing students, like myself, with such amazing programs.  Hilary White

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My daughter Meghan just completed the Science Discovery Program and had a wonderful time. Many thanks for all the planning and hard work that went into the trip. She truly enjoyed every minute, and made some wonderful friends. I hope to be able to send our other daughters on a future trip!  Thanks again to everyone at Earth Explore!   Kathy Hilbert


This is the best camp that Justin has ever done.  He wouldn’t change a thing about it.   This program really gives parents a chance to see what their kids can do, and kids a chance to discover themselves.  He was excited to go, but I think he had a lot more fun then he even expected to have.  He came home with increased self-confidence.  He was proud that he raised a portion of the money himself too. Justin came home more capable of being self-sufficient, more mature and certainly, more educated. The program exceeded our expectations. If we can financially budget it, he’d love to return on future trips!  Sherry and Tim Boudreau


I would absolutely recommend the program. It was such a positive educational and social opportunity of a lifetime at a young age. Responsible behavior was expected and it was an awesome group of kids. Very dynamic children! Thanks!  Marilee and Jeff Lindahl


We were pleased that Joshua was able to be away from us for 2 weeks and manage to organize his time and belongings. Joshua has become more independent. He also has grown in his appreciation for the beauty and natural history of the western USA.

The Earth Explore experience exceeded Joshua’s expectations. He was overwhelmed by the beauty and variety of terrain he explored as well as the animals he viewed. Joshua enjoyed the hands-on explorations, the adventures (rafting, horseback riding) and the positive interaction with peers.

Earth Explore provided challenges in the area of academics, socialization and independence that parents want for their children; it also provided fun, excitement and adventure that kids want! I would recommend it to a friend. Sally and Mike Hall


Emily learned how to cooperate with kids that she barely knew; she was independent from her parents for two full weeks. The places they visited were “once-in-a-lifetime” for most kids. The two weeks offered almost non-stop activities. I would recommend the program. It definitely exceeded her expectations!  Dave and Fran Dwornik


My daughter has become more aware of how different the areas of our country are. She also gained a more profound respect for nature and our earth’s past. I would absolutely recommend Earth Explore Learning Adventures to a friend! It is very well presented, organized and structured. I think she learned more and had more fun than she ever imagined. Brenda Ribble