The Experience: Elegant and Adventurous Small Group Travel, Packed with Lifelong Learning, and People of Like Mind

Karl and Michon created Earth Explore – Road Expats to share their style of travel with others. With their two decades of experience curating and organizing group travel, you’re assured of an experience filled with adventure, discovery, and style.

Karl and Michon

How We Travel

Small Groups

When we travel, we are part of a small, intimate group filled with people of like mind.  We get to know each other, share experiences and passions, and often make lifelong friendships.

Atmospheric Local Lodges

Where you stay is important.  We strive to find small hotels and lodges which enhance the sense of place.  Lodgings with great atmosphere, wonderful staff, and culturally harmonious with our surroundings.

Lifelong Learning

We carry our curiosity wherever we go, and we know you do too.  We love to learn about the natural science and history of the places we see, and the culture of the people we meet. And we always look forward to sharing a laugh and insights with our warm and personable guides.

Spontaneous and Fun

Michon and I like to leave a bit of room for the unexpected.  We’ve found that the best experiences are often not planned.  We encourage and pursue exploration beyond the set itinerary.

Imagine a day of wildlife viewing in Costa Rica’s tropical Tortuguero National Park, enjoying an open air meal above the river, and retiring to your elegant room within a rain forest enclave teeming with howler and spider monkeys.  

Tortuga Lodge

Tortuga Lodge

Tortuga Lodge, Costa Rica

Tortuga Lodge, Costa Rica

With a proud heritage of creating memorable travel experiences for thousands of travelers, we leverage the finest on-site instructors, the most rewarding adventure activities, and the most meaningful, intimate experiences.

From Hawaii, to Wyoming, Costa Rica, Alaska and Italy, Earth Explore-Road Expats offers a diverse array of exciting, active learning experiences, adventures where you meet others who share your interests, learn from experts in the field, and take part in fun, once-in-a-lifetime activities.