The Experience: Elegant and Adventurous Small Group Travel, Packed with Lifelong Learning, and People of Like Mind

Custom travel curated by Karl Van Amburg and Michon Sardella 

Imagine a day of wildlife viewing in Costa Rica, enjoying a meal with new friends on the open-air terrace of the Tortuga Lodge, and retiring to your elegant room within a protected tropical forest teeming with howler monkeys and the scarlet macaw.


Earth Explore-Road Expats is unique.  Featuring elegant small-group travel, science-based hands-on learning, and active adventure.

With a heritage of two decades creating one-of-a-kind travel experiences, we leverage the finest on-site instructors, the most thrilling adventure activities, and the most meaningful, intimate experiences.


From Hawaii, to Wyoming, Costa Rica, Alaska and Italy, Earth Explore-Road Expats offers a diverse array of exciting, active learning experiences, adventures where you meet others who share your interests, learn from experts in the field, and take part in fun, once-in-a-lifetime activities.